Sunday, August 24, 2008

It was summertime in northern Michigan....

We had soooo much fun! I seriously wanted to cry when I woke up Saturday morning, cause I knew we were about to drive to the airport to come home. I just love being with my family up there, especially the *party aunts* :)
Although we had a lot of rain, we didn't let it dampen our party, and every evening we were able to have a campfire except for one night, when the wood was just too wet. So we moved the party into the garage that night. We stayed up late every night, till 3 am!!, and had so much fun just talking. Its amazing that we can be apart for a year or more, yet when we are back together, its like we never left! I miss everyone already and I am anxiously awaiting next years trip, South Carolina here we come!!
PS: We miss you Tootsie!!
Pictures will be in the next post!

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