Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Since we are having a girl, the nursery is getting an overhaul. :) Here is what it currently looks like:
(look at how little Ethan was! This was right after Aiden was born)

Here is the new bedding we are going to order:

Since we have that green on the bottom of the chair rail currently, we are going to keep it and paint it pink above, and do something like this possibly, I have a few different paisley stencils already:
Here is the new car seat we grandma & papa are buying her:

And here is her first official outfit:

It's a GIRL!!

We found out last week that baby #3 will be our little Avery Lynn. We had both felt from the beginning of this pregnancy that it was a girl, but neither one of us wanted to say anything. :) When we went in for our sonogram, we brought both the boys with us and they were both enthralled with the baby up on the big screen. She did all her measurements first and every time she moved between the legs I was looking and I never saw a penis...then she asked if we wanted to know and what our guess was. We all said girl, and I mentioned that I never saw anything, and she said yep, it's a girl! I immediately started to cry. Poor Aiden was sitting in Seth's lap and was right next to my head and he turned on the sad lips and started to whimper a little bit. Once I smiled at him and told him I was all right he was all smiles again.
I think I am still in shock...I am so excited...yet I am scared. I have only ever dealt with boys...this is a whole new ball game for me...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Aiden's photoshoot

We got Aiden's headshot taken for his birthday and they refuse to let me just take the one picture, even though I tell them from the begining I am just there for my free 8x10, it will take a minute of their time, blah blah blah.
This girl got some really cute shots, and even though she was REALLY pushing the extra prints and picture club on me, I stayed strong and just got my free one...oh, and this full size Mr GQ picture of Aiden...soooo adorable!!
She also got a few cute sports pictures, which I promptly got off the website. They are small, but I can print them off as a 4x6, so I am going to print these for his new sports room