Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Ethan right before he turned 1, awwww!

We are planning on ringing in the new year right here at home, with a few friends and the Wii. :)
I hope you and yours have a great night tonight, whether it be out with friends or hanging out at home. See you next year....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Surgery for Aiden....again!

Just got back from the Dr...he has to have his one tube put back in and while they are in there they are going to remove his adenoids. He just finished up a 10 day antibiotic for his double ear infection and when he was looking in there today he already had a ton of fluid build up and will probably turn into an ear infection with in a week or so. UGH!!
But at least this will help him out in the long run right? He is refusing to eat lately and would rather just drink his meals, the Dr said it is probably because it is so swollen that food hurts going down, while milk, yogurt and applesauce feel good.
I know that this is just routine surgery, but it still sucks to see your little one wheeled off for surgery. Last time he was too little to really understand what was going on, he wasn't even 1 yet, but this time he will.
I have decided that I am going to take him in for a second opinion at a pedi ENT, while I like our current Dr, the wait time is ridiculous! We waited today for over 35 min and there was no one else in the office. The parking lot was empty and so was the waiting room. The last two times before we waited over an hour. I understand sometimes people run behind, but this is consistent. I found a pedi ENT, with offices in Plano and Dallas, and they are all set up for kids, so if there is a wait, it shouldn't be too bad. At our current Dr there are usually about 5 older people there with hearing aids that do not like to hear kids laugh and screech :) Aiden was happy the whole time today, but he was happy while dancing, singing etc...
Fingers crossed that our second opinion appt goes well...and if you have a great Dr to rec, please leave me a comment or email me!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our *Green* Christmas card

Merry Christmas from our family to yours...

Birthday party time!

So with the boys party being right after Christmas, I have to be on the ball and get invites done and out early, like before Christmas break if I want them to hand them out to friends at school. So when I got them done a whole week before school let out I was feeling so good. The invites are below, do you happen to notice anything important missing?

Yeah, the date might help huh? Sat morning I got a call from one of the little girls mom's at school asking what the date was...OMG! I ran to the stack I was about to mail out, ripped one open and yep, there is no date! After all the spell checks, and proofreading...I still screwed them up! Now now I am going through with a fine point sharpie and writing in the date...ahhhh

So when you get your invite and it looks like it was opened and then resealed, it has been. :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

It has been on of those weeks...

Last Monday I took Aiden into the Dr. He had these bumps on his elbows that were starting to bother him and I didn't know what to do. I talked to my SIl for a bit about them and she thought it was eczema. We went to the Dr and yep, thats what it was. Got a steroid cream, told to use a different bath soup and slather him down with Cetephil lotion. No big deal right? Well on Thursday he started running a fever that afternoon, and by the next morning he was kinda out of it, but back to his normal self. I headed out to help a friend out who works for a women's shelter and mom watched the boys. Aiden woke up from that nap with a raging fever and the rash had spread to his arms, legs, armpits and torso. So I called the Dr and they squeezed us in at 4:45! After looking at the new bumps, he was diagnose with molluscum contagiosum AND a double ear infection. Yes, this makes 3 ear infections in the last month or so, looks like we are going to have a tube put back in the one ear.
Thinking we finally got this under control with the two prescriptions we now have, we went home and got ready for the weekend. That night starts the was almost bark sounding. So I thought croup right away, Seth sat with him outside in the night air, that helped for a few minutes. Then we tried the steamy bathroom, no help. We turned on his humidifier and hoped for the best. It didn't help at all, in fact we were up all night with him, he couldn't sleep cause he couldn't stop was a rough night...and it continued all weekend. :(
We went back to the dr today, they diagnosed him with walking pneumonia. So we are home now with two more prescriptions, a z-pack and a cough medicine. He is actually sleeping right now, and I have only heard him cough once...I just pray that this works and he gets better...Ethan ran a fever this morning and they checked him out for me while I was there with Aiden, no meds except Tylenol and REST....I don't want sick boys for Christmas!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Poor Aiden!

So late last night, we heard Aiden stirring around in his bed so we turned on the TV to see how he was doing. He looked like he was still asleep, but he was all tngled up in his blankets, so Seth went up to get him straigtened out. As he was doing it Aiden woke up a little more and decided to try and sit up, sorta. He managed to do a face plant into the side guard rail that keeps him in the bed. I ran up to help, he was screaming! Seth got him some tylenol and I rocked him for a while till he calmed down, looked at me and said "bed?"
So he walked over, climbed in and was asleep before I could even leave the room.
I felt horrible for him, I kept checking on him all night, to make sure he was fine. I never saw a bruise on his forehead so I thought we were in the clear.
So this morning when he got up and I went up there, I felt to bad when I saw him, with a huge swollen eye lid that is black and blue with a bit of red! Poor guy smashed his EYE last wonder he cried for so long.

This was the best I could do at taking a pic!

So bad at this...

I always think I am going to start being better at blogging, but then life happens, I get tired, things need to be cleaned, laundry needs to be washed, folded and put away, and after all that all I want to do is veg out!
BUT, I am getting emails, calls and texts from family, asking me if I gave up on my blog or I am going to make an effort to post at least 2x a week...we will see! :)