Monday, August 17, 2009

Blue & Brown Swap

I got the chance to participate in my first color swap and I am so glad I did! My partner ended up being Sarah with Blue Castle, the lovely lady in charge of the swap! YIKES!! Not only was it my first swap, but I had to swap with the head lady, talk about intimidating.
First up, what I sent her (I forgot to take a picture, newbie mistake, so i stole this picture from Sarah's blog):
A cute ice cream bowl, new spoon and matching glass for her to relax with coffee slushie. I also got her the new Martha magazine to read up and get some inspiration from. I also grabbed this super cute tin, with a sweet bird on it and underneath my little note to her it read Family. Oh, and the linen diffuser and hand lotion just completed her *relaxation box*

Next up, my WONDERFUL box!! I was so excited to see this super cute box in my mail, I would have never thought to use one of the many photo boxes I sent off to Goodwill for mailing! Doh!
Then all my new goodies!

She got me two new knitted dishcloths, funny thing is, they match my newly painted kitchen EXACTLY! How did you know Sarah?!? :) I also got this wonderful pin that she made, a cute notepad that fits perfectly in my purse and cute hankie. She also got me a copy of one of her favorite books (I just started it, love it so far!) Plus the cute iced tea glass, or on those long hard days, a wine glass. :)

Thanks so much for hosting this Sarah, I had so much fun!

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BlueCastle said...

Jess, it was so fun to swap with you. Everything was so lovely and so perfect. I've been checking out your business website, by the way. Looks awesome. I used a photo box because, well, I couldn't find a better box. :) I thought maybe it would be fun too.