Monday, January 3, 2011

Goals for 2011

Goals for 2011

1. Read 100 books

2. Drink nothing but water for 2 weeks

3. Stay off the computer more in the evenings when the kids are awake

4. Learn a new hobby and or craft

5. RUN an entire 5k, like not walk one time

6. Run a 10k

7. 2011 3P Challenge Paddle, Pound, Pedal

8. Keep the house in a picked up state where I won’t panic if someone stops by unexpectedly

9. Go to bed with a clean kitchen sink nightly

10. Wake up at 6:30 on school mornings so I won’t rush around

11. Stop trying to make others happy, just worry about myself and my family

12. Make a housecleaning schedule, and stick to it!!

13. Once I start a load of laundry, follow through. Wash, dry, fold and PUT AWAY. That last part is my nemesis!

14. Go eat REAL sushi, like the raw stuff, not the smoked/cooked stuff

15. Work out 5 days a week

16. Be a healthy weight

17. Try a new recipe once a week

18. Go on a date once a month with Seth

19. Have quiet time every day, be it 5 minutes or 45 minutes….

20. Read the bible with the kids on a daily basis

21. Organize the house so everything has a place. If it doesn’t have a place, out it goes.

22. Volunteer

23. Become a Director with Scentsy

24. Go to bed by 10:30 on school nights

25. Wash my face every night before going to bed

26. Give blood at least twice

27. Go on a family camping trip

28. Cook a gourmet 4 course meal for us and another couple

29. Let loose and play with the kids more, be a kid myself!

30. Worry less about what others think or perceive about me

31. Meal plan and have dinner started/ready when Seth gets home from work

32. Go to the dentist twice this year

33. Nurse Avery till her 1yr birthday

34. Order pictures starting from my pregnancy with Aiden from BluDoor

35. Decorate the living room

36. Finish the kitchen *renovations*

37. Sew kitchen drapes

38. Make picture books of the kids pictures, starting from when Ethan was born

39. Sell/give away the kids clothes they have outgrown

40. Private J


Marilou's Blog Spot said...

I'm tired just reading your list. Maybe dad and I could get in on the Gourmet Dinner with another - Love you!

anna said...

I think I want in, on the gourmet meal too. Lets talk about Some of these and see about being each others accountability partners on some.

Anonymous said...

Ooo gourmet! Sounds fancy! :)
I like your list...most of it sounds attainable. I'll pray you are successful!