Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Ethanisms is my new word for all the funny stuff that comes out of his mouth. Sometimes he makes me laugh so hard...

~Mommy, can you just sit on the couch and let me play like a boy right here?

~Mommy! Aiden wants me to have some fruit snacks, can you get me some?

~Oh mom, its so pretty out here (backyard) I think we should go get our camera and take a picture.

~But MOM, Grandma lets me have whatever I want.

~Aiden needs a bottle then bed mom, a bottle then bed. Go do that.

~"I want to go to the store and buy you something mom. " "What do you want to get me Ethan? "Track and fast cars mommy, you will love it!" Some how I think he would love it more than me!

And things *I* never thought would come from my mouth:

~ETHAN, put your ***** back in your pull up!

~Ethan, get your hands out of your pull up!

~No Ethan, you cannot see her mipples!

~No Ethan you may not smell peoples booty's!

Every day is an adventure with the boys, but I love every minute of it and wouldn't give it up for the world.

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Jess said...

He and Shelby should get together! I think it would be a hoot! And what is he smelling people's booties for?!?! Silly boy!