Thursday, January 17, 2008

Aiden Jasper Hoisington birth story part two

Once the girls were there my parents showed up after taking Ethan to MDO at the school close by. Then Chris, Dianthe and Kelly all showed up. We had music going and lots of laughter. The nurses kept coming in saying it felt more like a party than a birthing. Thats exactly what I wanted, hey, it was my baby's birthday after all! Since I was the only one in L&D that whole day, I don't think they minded too much. The following order of events is made possible by my ever loving husband. He was so good to me during labor, even rubbing lotion on my feet at one point, no not because they hurt or felt dry, cause they looked dry to me and I didn't want dry feet in my pictures! :)
So here you go, the events as they happened:
8:00am~Broke water, started pitocin. Jess still in good mood, spirits are high
music playing: Push It by Salt N Pepa
10:00am~ Uncomfortable contractions starting
music playing: Shook Me All Night Long
10:25am~ToCo corrected, contractions every 2 minutes
10:40am~Checked cervix, still at 2cm
11:00am~Internal monitor put in (Ouch) and at 3cm
11:08am~Ordered an epidural from Dr Salami (Yes, that really was her name!)
11:20am~Epi god deployed goodness
11:40am~Relief kicked in
12:05pm~At 4cm, big smiles, allowed us back into the room
12:30pm~Sleepy time, and the friends all go to lunch, we are told there is PLENTY of time
1:35pm~ At 5cm
2:00pm~At 8cm had to add some O2, frantically calling her friends, get back!
2:20pm~Upped the pit, need some stronger contractions, have turned her onto her right side
3:05pm~Practice push, only one needed, they call in Dr. Reaves, its go time
3:18pm~Its a boy! 8lbs 6oz 18.75 inches

Aiden did have some fluid in his lungs that they had to suck out, but I was able to nurse him for a little bit and have him meet his big brother Ethan and his papa. His grandma was in the room with us when he was born. Once they took him, I didn't get to see or hold him again till 10:00 that night, super hard!! But he needed that time to get a little stronger, so I was willing to wait!
Check out the next post for the awesome slide show from ReJana Krause

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