Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I love Lush!

I love Lush! I first went to the store back in December. It was after Christmas and they were having a huge sale so I loaded up, to the tune of : stop reading Seth: a little over a hundred dollars! Then I went back a few months later and tried a few more things and loved all of those as well. SO the other day after my stupid Dr appt, more on that in another post, I called Seth and had him join me at North Park to get some shampoo. I have been wanting to try the Squeaky Green shampoo bar for a while, plus I needed a mask again. So I got both and came home to put the mask in the fridge and noticed the receipt. Turns out I got my two items, but I paid for 4! To the tune of $20 over! Why didn't I realize this at the store? Probably cause I was too busy talking to the girl. So I called them up right away and the girl that rang me up answered. I told her what happened and she talked to her manager. They ended up refunding my money to my credit card over the phone and they set aside a gift bag for me to pick up next time I am there! How awesome is that! I love all their products, but I am definitely a customer for life now!

::I don't want to hear any smart ass comments from certain people about how I always get free things either! You ho who you are!::

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Seth said...

You spent how much?!?!?!?! :)