Monday, September 8, 2008

My poor Aiden...

Aiden woke up with a runny nose and eyes on Saturday, but with everything in the air we just thought it was allergies. It stayed the same through the weekend, not getting any better or worse. He was still his happy self except for at night. As soon as we would stand up from the glider, he would start screaming, like he knew what we were going to do. We would load him up with pain meds, teething tablets and orajel, but no go, he was just miserable. SO both nights he stayed up with us till 10:00 when he could barely keep his eyes open and we would go put him down, only to have him wake up a few hours later howling in pain. I knew he was cutting two teeth on top, but this was bad!
So this morning I got him a Dr appt and took him in. Seth and I thought he just had really bad allergies, and he was having a tough time breathing, since he was so stuffed up. Our little baby Darth Vader!
Wellllll, turns out little man has a double ear infection, the Dr was surprised he was not running a raging fever and yanking on his ears, said it was BAD. He is also NOT cutting two teeth, he has about 4 about to pop through and to top it all off, he has pink eye! FUN!!!
So no wonder he didn't want to sleep, the Dr said it was probably hurting him really bad to lay down and sleep, all the pressure. Which makes sense and since the last two days his naps were in the car or on my chest in the cry room at church I never even tried to lay him down in his bed at naptime. So hopefully he will start feeling better in a day or two, especially since the boys are going to my parents house tonight!

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