Monday, October 27, 2008


Yep, both of my little guys have come down with croup. I feel so bad for them. Aiden also has the beginning of another ear infection. Yes, only 3 days after finishing up the other antibiotic, we are on another one. According to the Dr we are on the tail end of it, the worst of it hit this weekend. So we are just going to be living in the vicks vapor steam, doing meds every four hours, and watching lots of movies and coloring in the next day. We got the ok from the Dr to still go to the pumpkin patch field trip tomorrow morning, as long as the cough doesn't get worse and they aren't running a fever. Keep your fingers crossed, cause if we can't go, Ethan is going to be soooo upset!!


House of Brodt said...

Oh no! I hope that they are both back to feeling better soon. Hudson had croup once and we had NO clue what it first we thought he had swallowed something and was choking so we ended up in the hospital almost all night before finding out it was croup. :( Sending good thoughts your way that they'll be croup-free and you'll still be able to go to the pumpkin patch!

Ladybug said...

Ugh. Girl, we are in the same boat. N's croup started up last night and I had to cancel a Halloween playdate this afternoon! The party tomorrow evening is still on, though!

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Misty said...

Poor little guys. :(

I know that's no fun. Tucker had croup last year and it was horrible.

Hope Ethan and Aiden feel better soon and can go to the pumpkin patch!