Friday, April 3, 2009

Peanut Butter Score!

I know, it's a weird thing to blog about, but I just got a great deal! I was at Costco today with my dad and the boys, our weekly date. :)
I happen to spy these packages of peanut butter in individual containers and for 24 of them it was only $2!!
Bonus that they are all natural, nothing like HFCS in them, score!! So I picked up 6 packs of them. I kinda wish I had gotten a few more, it was a great deal. So, if you are at the Lewisville Costco anytime soon, see if you can score your self a box, or two, or six. :)
BTW: When I got home I looked them up, they usually sell for $12.95 a box. :)

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