Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas is coming...

Are you ready? Seth had a faux ice day yesterday, the bridge was iced over, so we couldn't go south, but we could shop by our house, so we went and had lunch together and finished up our shopping. All we are waiting on now is to get them delivered. We started something new this year and it has made Christmas shopping so much more fun! The boys will only be receiving 3 gifts each from Santa, since baby Jesus got three gifts from the wisemen. They will also be getting one gift from Seth and I and a few small things in their stockings. But by doing this it has actually made us enjoy the season so much more. We aren't rushing around trying to buy the biggest, newest toys out there and we are not spending an arm and a leg on gifts.
Another new thing we started this year was an Advent calendar. I have been wanting one but haven't found one i liked well enough to spend the money on. But I found one this year, and grandma was with me, so she said she wanted to buy it for the boys, fine with me! :)
Ethan loves opening the doors each day to see what is behind it. Being almost 4 has made this the most interactive Christmas yet with him. When I was pulling out our Nativity scene he started to tell me all about who everyone was and was so excited to share. I have read the Christmas story to him, the children's version, and he has started to ask questions and actually be interested in the answers, I love it!
Now I have to go address our Christmas cards, so I can get them to people before Christmas! :)

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Marilou's Blog Spot said...

And every day he get a "kiss" from papa & grandma! That is the best part!!!