Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tubes and more....

Aiden got tubes in his ears this morning. If you ask my friend Amie what he had done, she might tell you this:
Actually what they look like:

Aiden did fine, I of course had a hard time. As soon as they took him from my arms and told us to wait in the lobby I started to tear up. As soon as we sat down the tears started pouring down my face. Yes I know that this was a simple, routine surgery that is performed daily, but it was on my BABY! I hated thinking that he might be scared or cold back there without me. It was the longest 20 minutes of my life. I am so thankful that he is a healthy baby and that I don't have to see him go through more painful and invasive procedures. Once the Dr came and got us I was rushing back to see him. He was still sleeping when we got back there but started to wake up about a minute later and was he ever PISSED! He was sobbing and flopping around in my arms. After we finally got hi to calm down I was able to feed him and it seemed to help. Seth then went off to work and Aiden and I came home and plan on sleeping and snuggling the day away. He is actually napping right now.
Ethan was lucky enough to spend the night with Papa and Grandma. Papa is sick *cough, cough* so they are headed down to North Park to see the trains. I have NO desire at all to see them, so I am glad that he can go with Papa and I don't have to be put through that torture! :)
I got a few pictures of Ethan this morning, looks like he is having a blast!
The construction zone is all set up
Ethan snuggling with Holly-Bear and all his animals
Best friends

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Misty said...

So happy that Aiden's surgery went so well. He was in my thoughts today! And it looks like Ethan enjoyed himself today with grandma and grandpa. :)