Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Don't make God cry...

So Seth and I were running around on Sat morning trying to get ready to go to a birthday party and while Seth was getting dressed, he may have let out a fart. Ethan stopped what he was doing, looked at him very serious and said "Daddy, when you fart, it makes God cry"
OMG! I had to go into the bathroom and Seth had to turn around cause we were laughing so hard!
Once I composed myself I asked Ethan who told him that or where he heard it, he told me that no one told him that, its just the truth, farts make God cry.
I have no idea where he gets his information sometimes, but it always makes me laugh!


Penny said...

OMG I'd die laughing if Matt Matt said that to me. Plus I'd wonder about the God stuff. :-)

Rebecca said...

That is classic!!!