Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birthday party time!

So with the boys party being right after Christmas, I have to be on the ball and get invites done and out early, like before Christmas break if I want them to hand them out to friends at school. So when I got them done a whole week before school let out I was feeling so good. The invites are below, do you happen to notice anything important missing?

Yeah, the date might help huh? Sat morning I got a call from one of the little girls mom's at school asking what the date was...OMG! I ran to the stack I was about to mail out, ripped one open and yep, there is no date! After all the spell checks, and proofreading...I still screwed them up! Now now I am going through with a fine point sharpie and writing in the date...ahhhh

So when you get your invite and it looks like it was opened and then resealed, it has been. :)

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