Friday, December 11, 2009

Poor Aiden!

So late last night, we heard Aiden stirring around in his bed so we turned on the TV to see how he was doing. He looked like he was still asleep, but he was all tngled up in his blankets, so Seth went up to get him straigtened out. As he was doing it Aiden woke up a little more and decided to try and sit up, sorta. He managed to do a face plant into the side guard rail that keeps him in the bed. I ran up to help, he was screaming! Seth got him some tylenol and I rocked him for a while till he calmed down, looked at me and said "bed?"
So he walked over, climbed in and was asleep before I could even leave the room.
I felt horrible for him, I kept checking on him all night, to make sure he was fine. I never saw a bruise on his forehead so I thought we were in the clear.
So this morning when he got up and I went up there, I felt to bad when I saw him, with a huge swollen eye lid that is black and blue with a bit of red! Poor guy smashed his EYE last wonder he cried for so long.

This was the best I could do at taking a pic!

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