Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Surgery for Aiden....again!

Just got back from the Dr...he has to have his one tube put back in and while they are in there they are going to remove his adenoids. He just finished up a 10 day antibiotic for his double ear infection and when he was looking in there today he already had a ton of fluid build up and will probably turn into an ear infection with in a week or so. UGH!!
But at least this will help him out in the long run right? He is refusing to eat lately and would rather just drink his meals, the Dr said it is probably because it is so swollen that food hurts going down, while milk, yogurt and applesauce feel good.
I know that this is just routine surgery, but it still sucks to see your little one wheeled off for surgery. Last time he was too little to really understand what was going on, he wasn't even 1 yet, but this time he will.
I have decided that I am going to take him in for a second opinion at a pedi ENT, while I like our current Dr, the wait time is ridiculous! We waited today for over 35 min and there was no one else in the office. The parking lot was empty and so was the waiting room. The last two times before we waited over an hour. I understand sometimes people run behind, but this is consistent. I found a pedi ENT, with offices in Plano and Dallas, and they are all set up for kids, so if there is a wait, it shouldn't be too bad. At our current Dr there are usually about 5 older people there with hearing aids that do not like to hear kids laugh and screech :) Aiden was happy the whole time today, but he was happy while dancing, singing etc...
Fingers crossed that our second opinion appt goes well...and if you have a great Dr to rec, please leave me a comment or email me!

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