Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Aiden surgery Update

We went to a new Dr yesterday, LOVED him! He had Aiden's ears tested (he has lost hearing in the ear that the tube fell out of but they think it will all come back with new tubes). They are replacing both since the other one is about to come out as well. He also agrees with removing the adenoids, but only after doing a bunch of testing that the other Dr never bothered with. I love the new place cause they are a whole pediatric medical center, they do 95% of the surgeries downstairs in the surgical center and use pedi anesthesiologists.
His surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday morning, we will know the exact time the night before, since they schedule the surgeries according to age, youngest go first since you can't eat or drink beforehand...
I am so happy that we are doing this before we go out of town for our would not be fun to have a sick kiddo in the middle of the ocean!!


Becca said...

Hope it all goes well- we will say a little pray for the sweet boy!


Erin Kathleen said...

Poor baby! Hope everything goes well. We'll be thinking of you guys on Tuesday. Keep us posted.