Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

This was our first Easter as a family of 5, and besides poor Avery having a fever of 102.6 all day, it was a fun day. Poor baby is cutting her top teeth. When I was getting her diaper changed I checked out her mouth and can see the one tooth cutting through, I hope it does it soon so she gets a break. The boys woke up to bunny poop in the house (colored mini marshmallows) and a full basket. Then they were off to hunt eggs, Avery got to play with the eggs the Easter Bunny left on her pottery barn anywhere chair. Then we were off to church, back home for naps and then off for another egg hunt at my parents. The kids were all spoiled by the ones that love them.
I know at times I wonder if they really understand the TRUE meaning of Easter...why we celebrate and that Easter is not all candy, bunnies and eggs. I am always asking Ethan was Easter is all about and he can tell me, but after asking Aiden I know we are doing something right. He was able to tell me the whole story of Jesus dying on the cross for us, going in a cave with a big stone in front of it, an angel moving the stone and then Jesus ROSE AGAIN! (He likes to yell this part). I was able to catch part of it on video and I know I will treasure it always. I leave you with this picture of our perfect (to uss) family picture from this afternoon. I love it because:
1. It was after church and the kids had food sitting on the table behind us that was just tempting them, but they let me go crazy and snap a few pics.
2. Did I mention it was after church? They were hyped up on candy from the morning and I didn't hear one complaint!
3. They are ALL looking at the camera! Do you understand what an EASTER MIRACLE this is? Ethan never looks at the camera! This was done on a self timer since we brought the camera to church and then forgot to have someone take a picture of us, so we set it up on the self timer, snapped 3 pics and picked the best out of them :)

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