Monday, June 2, 2008

Aiden will soon be sporting

the latest spring fashion trend called a DOC band. We were at Cranial Tech for over an hour today, getting Aidens pictures taken and then just taking with them about what is wrong and what we can do about it. Aiden will more than likely have to wear his helmet for about 8-10wks but could get it off early for good behavior around 6-8 wks. :)
We will be going in weekly for helmet adjustments. If you look at the picture below, you can see where the bones above his ears are slightly bowed out and then the sloping of the forehead and the flattened back of his head. Poor baby, I never realized it was that bad till I saw the pictures today.

Tomorrow we will hear if Humana will cover the cost of his Doc Band®. We are praying that they will, otherwise it will be a $3000 investment for us, oh joy!!

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Meg said...

I'm praying that they'll pay for it for you too! Aiden will be just fine, you're getting him all fixed up and he'll never know it happened. :) Good luck!