Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Crazy nights

Night time is always crazy at our house. You know how on movies and tv shows they always show the kids reading books or playing quietly before going to be for the night, yeah, NOT reality! After we eat dinner and clean up, we try and round up everyone upstairs at least. Then its play time, time to crawl on Daddy, run around like mad men, and basically try and wear Ethan out before he goes to sleep. Last night was no different, except for when we first went up there. Ethan was actually playing with Aiden. He usually clings to Seth as soon as he gets home till he goes to bed, and even though Seth still had to be there with him, he actually was hanging out with Aiden, it was so sweet. SO of course I had to grab the camera and snap some pics.

Cute baby!!

Aiden is wondering what the heck Daddy & Ethan are talking about
YeeHaw daddy!!

Ethan calming down for the night by playing a computer game

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