Thursday, June 5, 2008

Night out for mom and dad, night in for the boys..

Yep, thats right, we got out for a nice dinner and Uncle Jarod came over to watch the boys. Not a big deal you might think, but Uncle Jarod is a single guys who probably could have been out doing a ton of more fun things that sitting our boys on a Thursday night. But thankfully he is in love with our boys as much as we are. Ethan LOVES Uncle Jarod and is always asking me if he can come over and play with him or if he (Ethan) can go and sleep at Uncle Jarods house. :)
Seth had been taking a MC course the last two days and tonight we went to dinner at Benihana with a few of his friends and the couple that ran the course. It was so nice to be out. I came home to two sleeping and happy boys, so that was even better! Thanks Uncle Jarod!!

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