Monday, June 2, 2008

Little Gym birthday party

We had a birthday party yesterday for Annaliese and it was at the little gym in Rowlett, yes about an hour away!
Ethan has never been to a little gym before so I wasn't sure what he would think about it, but OMG he loved it! He ran, jumped bounced and just went crazy like every 3 yr old boy would do. The only part he did NOT like was when the special guest, Barney, showed up. Ethan made sure he was on the other side of the room at all times. When Barney lead the kids around singing and dancing, Ethan was sure to move away. But besides him, we had a great time! Thanks so much for inviting us guys!!
My monkey boy

Rolling up and down the ramp

Aiden was sporting the latest in fashion hats
Ethan and TOO much Birthday party!

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House of Brodt said...

How FUN! Ethan looked like he loved Little Gym...I need to take Hudson somewhere like that some time. Too funny about the Barney thing...Hudson has never even seen Barney so I am sure that he would be scared, too!