Monday, November 17, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Weekend recap
Friday: Seth worked late and the boys and I had dinner with my dad
~Seth and I woke up early
~Phillip and Jessica came over
~I did Jessica's makeup
~I took maternity pictures of them in the park
~I went and got my hair cut
~I met a lady to sell her my double stroller, yay!
~Drove home, packed up the boys, got everyone dressed
~Went and got family pictures taken
~Drove home with two sleeping boys
~Left boys at h9ome with daddy for boys night in!
~Met Phillip, Jessica and my mom at Target
~Bought a bookcase for Baby Bethany
~Went with mom and got PeiWei for dinner, yum
~Went over to Phillip and Jessica's and helped them get the nursery ready
~3 hours later, it was done and ready for Bethany
~Drove home and passed out on the couch with Seth
~Woke up, cleaned some more
~Skipped church to go to a party in the park for some special kiddos
~Played at South Lakes Park for 4 hours
~Enjoyed cupcakes, homemade Penny cookies, birthday cake, pizza, etc...
~Watched all the kids play together so sweetly
~Cried a few tears as I thought about it being the last time my kids would play with Anthony and Samantha, life isn't fair at times..
~Thankful for my friends
~Mom and Dad came over for burgers on the grill and the Cowboy game
~Got out our Christmas tree and all that other fun stuff

As you can tell, this was a crazy weekend for us, but we had fun the whole time! Here are a few park pics

Aiden swinging the day away

Aiden and Samantha hanging out

Ethan helping Anthony walk


Some of the party adults!


Heather said...

Hi, can you tell me how many times your stroller was used, the approximate dates and times, and what you wore the days you used it? Thank you ever so much!

Chris said...

Omg Aiden! What a little flirt!