Sunday, November 16, 2008

Car seat STEAL!!

I almost can't believe I just got this deal! I just bought a Britax Marathon for only $42.99, that is a savings of over 85% off retail and I even got free shipping!! If you need a carseat, go buy one right now!!
Target car seat deal


Susan said...

Thanks so much Jess. This is awesome. I was going to wait and get the Regent again but this was too good of deal to pass up. Now I can give my convertible seat to my MIL and keep this one for myself! Thanks for sharing!

Misty said...

OOOoooo, thanks!

And I thought I got a great deal on Marathons for $189 when Target had them red tagged a few months ago...Too bad I can't return them now!

Amanda and Anthony said...

Aww man! They're already sold out now. But what a great deal you got!