Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas Pictures...

We were lucky enough last year to get wonderful family pictures taken by Mike and ReJana Krause, two of the most talented photographers in the southwest if you ask us! ;-) Well, we were able to get appts again this year, so I have spent the last few days running all around town trying to get our outfits all set. I am almost done, all three boys are set, now I just need a shirt and I will be done, I can't wait.
Here is our picture from last year to tide you over:

I hear Santa is anxious to meet the baby that was in my tummy last year! Let's hope Aiden is as anxious to meet Santa. :)


Misty said...

Those were the cutest Santa pictures ever! I look forward to seeing yours from this year.

Where did you end up finding holiday outfits? I bought my kiddos coodinating stuff at Gymboree over the weekend. I got some bargains since they were on sale and Gymboree was offering 30% off! I'm a sucker for a good sale! :)

Jess said...

Both boys are wearing jeans and guitar/rockstar shirts and Seth is wearing a long sleeve buttons down with jeans. I still don't know what I am wearing, BUT I do have some kick ass shoes to wear!

Jess said...

I thought your outfit was the first one chosen! Can't wait to see your pics.

Jess said...

My white shirt was deemed not good enough by my photographer! She wants color, so I am off to shop again, darn!