Monday, July 21, 2008


I read this blog on a daily basis and I have been inspired to *Declutter* my life. I HATE how much little stuff we have just to have it. Since the kitchen is our enemy at the moment, I decided to start there. I started with my cabinets. I had 30 Ikea plain white plates. When Ikea first opened they had them for .50$ each, a steal! I bought enough so when we had big dinner parties, I wouldn't have to buy a ton of paper plates and I can fit all of them in the dishwasher at the same time. Well, all they do is take up a ton of room in my limited cabinet space and I never get to use my pretty Crate & Barrel plates, so those all came out and are boxed up for when I need them. Along with those went 4 of my 8 bowls, 4 of the HUGE soup bowls that I only use in the winter, 8 pasta bowls and a large serving bowl that I use maybe once a year and the two sets of 4 dessert plates that I use occasionally. Now I am keeping these, but they are boxed up in a small plastic storage tub and going in the closet under the stairs.
Next I started on the drawers, jeesh what a bunch of junk. I had an old can opener, three wine openers, an old spatula, 4 slotted spoons, 4 turners, 5 whisks, 2 ladles, 2 tongs, 2 pastry brushes, 5 serving spoons, an old egg slicer, apple cutter, citrus something or another, potato scrubber, plastic smasher, an old hand whisk, pastry cutter, and an egg separator.
That is a lot!
I ended up keeping: my new black plastic whisk, one slotted turner, one solid turner, two serving spoons, one slotted spoon and one ladle. My utensil container is now nice and no longer overflowing with a bunch of junk!
Now it was time for the glassware cabinet. I am at a loss for this one. I have 12 wine glasses that match my china and as soon as I get a china cabinet they can go in there. I also have 12 everyday wine glasses, 8 painted wine glasses, 8 ice tea crystal glasses, 4 margarita glasses, 6 beer mugs and 4 champagne glasses. Can you tell what I got a lot of for our wedding? I have no idea how to par this all down! HELP!

I will post pictures later on with all the stuff I am donating to either my mom or CCA.

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