Friday, July 25, 2008

RIP Daisy

I just got an email this morning from Aunt Toni that they had to put Daisy to sleep yesterday. Daisy was the sweetest yellow lab that I have ever been around. Her and Ethan were instant friends and when we were there two weeks ago he bonded even more with her. In fact almost every day now he asks for a dog like Daisy. After getting the email I decided that I wouldn't say anything to Ethan until the next time we were going down there, no need to upset him. Wouldn't you know it, he started to ask about her today as we were getting ready for naptime. He asked me when we could get a dog like Daisy and how much he loved Daisy and could we go see Daisy tomorrow? I then asked him if he remembered that Daisy was really sick and old last time we saw her and he said yes, he remembered and that we just need to pray for her and she will get all better. Ahh, to have the faith of a three year old. I told him that yesterday she died, but she was in heaven now and didn't hurt anymore and was up playing all around like a little puppy again. He cried a little bit and then said "Mommy, I want to pray to God now, cause I know what toys Daisy likes and I need to tell him." Yeah, that made me bawl. I love this kid so much!!
RIP Daisy, we will miss you!!


Jess said...

AW! He has the sweetest heart.

Nikki said...

OMG, that so made me tear up! What a sweetheart! You handled that very well, Mama!