Tuesday, July 15, 2008

San Antonio weekend!

We (the boys and I) just got back in town last night from a long and wonderful weekend in San Antonio with Aunt Toni, JoeGee and BaBecca. We got there late Friday night after dealing with horrendous traffic, thankfully all three boys, Whitney and Logan went with us, did awesome on the way there!
We got there, and Aunt Toni had dinner waiting for us, it was wonderful! But then we got the bad news, JoeGee's boat was sinking, so he would be leaving bright and early to go out to the lake lot and see whats wrong and start cleaning it. He left early Saturday morning and got home late Sunday night.
On Saturday we hung out around the house, and once the boys went to bed, the girls headed out to Target to shop a little and grab stuff for dinner. Came home, found out Ethan did NOT nap, but instead keptAiden up by TRASHING the game room, yeah that was fun to clean up. I had to have him clean it all up, all while he sobbed and then I laid down with him and we both took a nap. After dinner we all got in the pool and relaxed. Once the boys went to bed for the night, we brought out the box o sangria and heated up the hot tub,ahhhhh.
Of course both nights we said we were going to bed early, both nights we went to bed around 1am, yikes!
Monday we decided we needed to be out of the house by 10:00am so we could shop at the outlet malls and still be on the road at a decent time. We actually walked out of the door at 9:58am! SCORE!
We were able to hit up all the outlet stores we wanted to and still got on the road only a half hour later than we had planned on.
We had such a wonderful time, just like we always do at their house, thanks for having us Aunt Toni!! We love you!
Here are a few pictures!
Ethan's new goggles

Happy Aiden in the tub with Aunt Toni

Making sundae's with JoGee
Logan *kissing* Ethan goodnight
Ethan and Aiden shopping at the Pottery Barn outlet, we wore Aiden out!

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Kelsey said...

that last pic ethan looks very mischievous!! haha!