Thursday, July 24, 2008

*Fingers Crossed*

Ethan is potty trained! Even as I type this I feel like I need to go find some wood to knock on! The last two days he hasn't had any accidents and has worn big boy underwear all day, even at naptime. This morning he woke up dry from last night, so I decided to brave it. I sent him to school in underwear. I told his teacher he was in big boys and then I told her I packed back ups for him in his back pack. I know, it was a total cop out for his first day out of the house to have someone else deal with it, but I just wasn't ready!! :)
I was scared to pick him up, but when I got there he was in the same outfit I sent him in, SUCCESS!! We came home, he went right before naptime and then he woke up dry again. But tonight was the ultimate test, we went out to dinner. Seth had meetings tonight with a new potential couple (they booked!) and then a church meeting but had about an hour and a half inbetween them, not enough time to come home, so we went and met him. Ethan went potty once at dinner and then came home and pooped twice in the potty!! Did I mention that he went in there and pooped on his own? I was feeding Aiden and rocking him to sleep when I heard Ethan run to the bathroom and start yelling,*hurray*!!!
I am so proud of him!!


Jess said...

Aw! Sweet success!

House of Brodt said...

That's awesome! We are about to start trying with Hudson, so I might need you to send me some pointers! :)