Friday, June 5, 2009

Aiden's got new kicks!

I finally broke down and went and got Aiden some Stride Rite sneakers. Since he was refusing to walk before, I felt no rush to go get them. Last week I tried a pair of Target shoes on him, but his feet were way too fat for them! So I decided to bite the bullet and go to SR. Turns out he is wearing a 6 1/2W. Bonus that the shoes I picked out for him were on sale/clearance for only $29.95! But here is a question for you moms out there: Since when do you have to buy a pack of socks to try on shoes? I had Aiden bare foot like always when we went in there to try on shoes. They asked me if I wanted to have him fit bare foot or with socks. Since I was getting SNEAKERS I told them with socks. She said I had to buy them and they came in packs of three for $8. Umm what? When I took Ethan they had socks there for him to try on. Sheesh! So I paid $8 for 3 pairs of socks that I am sure he will outgrow before the end of the summer. Lesson learned: bring socks to SR from now on!

Yay for new shoes
Walking and standing: check!
Squatting and playing: check!
Looks like he is all set for summer now. I pulled out Ethan's SR sandals from when he was this age, 6 1/2W. Score! :)


Jennifer said...

Miss those boys! I've never been to Stride Rite...GASP! But now I'll know to bring socks if I ever go!

House of Brodt said...

Stride Rites rock! Hudson only has one pair, but they are great and really good if they are being active.