Thursday, June 25, 2009

The boys are ready!

I have both their bags packed, a huge bag of snacks, another of new toys, games etc and a movie system. Our DVD player broke about a week ago, perfect timing as usual! So my wonderfully, smart and nerdy husband was able to work it out and we didn't have to buy anything. Ethan has the extra laptop in the case in front of his seat and he knows how to start all the different movies up and whatever he has on his laptop plays on Aiden's. The sound is wired into the car, so I can turn it up and turn the front speakers off.
We test drove it tonight on our way to dinner, it was a hit. All I heard were giggles at the movie every once in awhile...lets hope it stays like that!
How many other 17month olds do you know that have their own rear facing monitor? :)
Don't worry, that thing is so strapped in there that I am not even sure we can remove it without breaking something.

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Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Love it- you have a smart hubby!!!

Have a great trip and drive safely!!!