Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun day at the splash park

Today Ethan, Aiden and I met Jennifer, Zane and Emma at J.R. Newman Park in Frisco. They have a great splash park for the kids, a playground and even a covered pavilion with picnic tables, fun!

We were supposed to meet them up there on Tuesday, but it got rained out. Today it was bright and sunny with just a slight breeze, PERFECT weather! By the time we got over to the park, the slight breeze turned into a full blown wind, but it didn't stop the kids from stripping down and going into the water. Next time we go, Jennifer and I decided that we needed to bring a picnic lunch. The two older boys saw everyone else having a picnic lunch and asked us where ours was, oops!

Here are a few of our pictures from this morning:

Jennifer and Emma, poor thing was cold

Aiden did NOT like it when the water sprayed up his shorts, he was done at that point

All cuddled up in his towel

Ethan had the Baywatch run going on!

Aiden now watching happily from the sidelines

Pointing out the tower of water spraying, he would walk over here then start to cry when he would get cold and wet. :)

Venturing over to the water again with his big brother

Aiden and Zane

Zane running through the water

Trying to get a GOOD group picture, this was the best I got. At least the older two are looking and smiling :)

We can't wait to go do some more fun things with Zane and Emma this summer! Ethan had so much fun with Zane! Thanks guys!!


Sara Scott said...

WE so ALMOST went there this morning.. instead I opted for a 3 mile walk.. ? HUH? and it was a bit chilly... I started reading the post and thought OHHHH I wonder if thats like the JR one? HA.. now I know! No large bodies of water for Hendrix to jump into :)

House of Brodt said...

That looks like SO much fun!

mental note - must.find.splash.park!