Monday, June 1, 2009


My last post was asking for help and I had both Heather and VA help me out! Thanks girls!
The other night our friends Scott and Amie were over and Scott helped Seth hang up the wires for my curtains and then I attached the hooks and threw them up there. No, I didn't even bother to iron them. I figured after a day or two in the sun, the wrinkles would just fall out. Can I just tell you how awesome these are! We can draw them shut and have a nice dinner out there without the sun cooking us. I want to get two more drop cloths and use them on the sides, that way we can close the whole thing up if we want to, or just the sides on windy days. For the tie backs I just got some 2 inch wide grosgrain ribbon in a cute print, love! The whole cost was under $30!
2 9x12 drop cloths- $20
1 pack of clips- $3
1 pack of eye hooks- $1
1 roll of 50b weight limit wire- $3
1 roll of cute ribbon- $3

Total $30

Standing on the other side of the pool deck, looking up at the porch. I *thought* I had cleaned off the porch, guess I didn't do that good of a job. Ignore the yellow bag of salt and the sunscreen bottles on the table.
One half of the porch, our new dining set.
See the cute ribbon!

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Sara Scott said...

Very cute! now if our patio ever gets finished I can also do this :)