Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We found a new splash park!

Bonus that it is here in Denton! Where you ask? Right in our kitchen! :)


Jennifer said...

I can't tell by that clip if your fridge has a "lock" button on it or not, but that is precisely why we got a fridge that we could lock... tee hee! I knew Hannah and Haylee wouldn't be able to keep from flooding the kitchen....but then we did get a flooded kitchen because of the water line and have disconnected the water to the fridge so it's all a moot point now!

Jess said...

It does, but Ethan didn't lock it when he filled up his cup, and Aiden RAN over to it. I grabbed the flip camera and let him have fun. As soon as I turned off the camera I locked it and wiped him and the floor up!