Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Aiden's first swim!

The weather finally got warm enough this weekend and we were all able to jump in the pool for a relaxing swim. I wore Aiden in my new SolarVeil sling and I think I am going to love it for this summer. It dried so quickly and he felt so much more secure in my sling than me holding his slippery, squirmy little baby body!
Here they are! Ready to go swimming. Lacey had to get in on the photo action here.

Ethan grinning for the picture

Showing us how he can float on his back and kick around the pool. Now if only he could do that without his lifevest. Oh well, hopefully the swim lessons will help with that part.
Here is a video, look past me and just my cute as can be kids!!!


House of Brodt said...

How fun! They are too cute and I love the sling for baby Aiden! We don't have a pool, but bought a cheesy blow up one last weekend so that we could start letting Hudson do a little *pretend* swimming on the weekends, ha! He LOVES the water, so I am sure that he is going to love it!

Ladybug said...

Woo hoo! Look at you sporting that baby in a water sling! :-) I'm proud!