Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day...

Or weekend in my case. My Mothers Day weekend started on Sat. The boys let me sleep in and then woke me up with breakfast in bed. With Sunday mornings being crazy in our house before church we wouldn't have time then. We just hung out as a family on Sat and then that night we went out to eat at Fuzzy's in Denton with our friends Phillip and Jessica. Today they woke me up with the most wonderful card from Ethan. I posted it below for your enjoyment as well:

Mothers Day 2008,an early morning interview with Ethan.

It's 7:30am Mothers Day 2008 and Ethan and I are sitting at the kitchen table, while mommy is fast asleep. In the background is the clicking of Aiden's swing as he is still fast asleep. (He last ate at 5am)

So Ethan, what should we get mommy for Mothers Day?Um, A Dumptruck.

What Else... Besides a dump truck.A Barbie, A Princess Barbie. Maybe not a dumptruck.

What makes mom such a great mommy? Her Heart. And CUPS...

What Kind of Cups?Blue and Yellow, Blue and Yellow Cups.. She puts Lemonade and Milk in Blue and Yellow Cups.

Ok, Blue and Yellow Cups..No!!, you say Blue and Yellow Blue and Yellow cups.

Do you love mommy?I dooooo.

What's your favorite place to go with mommy?SIX FLAGS. I get to ride on the rides with mommy.

What's You and Mommy's favorite ride.The Roller Coasters.

What's your favorite lunch that mom makes you?CANDY. Can I have a drink in an open cup, and straw...

About a minute later, a straw wrapper flies off the end of his straw and hits me in the neck.

Ethan, if you could go anywhere in the world with mommy, where would you go?TARGET.

At that point in the conversation, his 3 year old patience took over and the answer to all following questions involved counting to ten and partial abc renditions due to the fact that there are, letters and numbers on the keyboard and on the screen. He did, however, ask to color you a card. and to type this following sentence:12345674567890asswuuy

Wow, asswuuy, I think that's a new word, all though it looks like it might be a bad word.

We Love you sweetie!!!!!! Now we are off to cook you a quiche for breakfast!!!Seth and Ethan, oh, and Aiden says 'glurbal glurbal glurbal' smiles and those dimples!

I got part of my Mothers Day gift a few weeks ago, my new Mothers Ring with Aidens name, birth date and birth stones on it. Seth also surprised me with a weekend trip to Fredricksburg to stay at a B&B sometime this summer when mom & dad can watch the boys. I can't wait.
They also cooked me breakfast again this morning, mushroom quiche, YUM!! We went to church and then Aiden went over to grandma and papa's house while the three of us headed out to Six Flags. Apparently we were not the only ones who thought it would be a good idea. :)
We headed back home to my parents house around 5:00 and came home to a fully cooked dinner that we didn't have to cook or set the table for. The boys did all the work!! All in all this has been one of the best Mothers Day I have had, I had a great day!


Nikki said...

That is too cute!

Happy belated mothers day!

Jess said...

Aw! I love Ethan's answers! You're one spoiled mama!

House of Brodt said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous Mother's Day! Your boys did good! :)