Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's almost pool time!

The pool is almost warm enough to swim in and I am so excited! We have been looking into swim lessons for Ethan and I think we might have a winner. My friends Kelly and Meg have both taken lessons with Bob and have had great success. He lives close to us so here's to hoping that

  1. He will come to our house and teach Ethan

  2. That Ethan will finally get into the pool without his life jacket

Yeah, I think we have put the fear of God into Ethan that you can NOT get into the pool without a life jacket on. He won't even let you hold him in the pool without his jacket on. We have since realized this can be a very bad thing if you want to teach your kid to swim without a jacket on. I really hope the lessons are a success!


Meg said...

Good luck! Bobby told us that Shelby cannot have any sort of flotation device on at all (except in dark water such as a lake) or we will undo all of her lessons. We were lucky that she didn't really wear one much in the first place.

PamelaKRose said...

How fun, I'm sure he'll do great! Hadley is going to start Water Babies at Emler Swim School in the fall (where my sis is a manager), I can't wait.

We are crazy and have been swimming in our pool the last 2 weeks, haha. It's cold at first but you get used to it =P