Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Boredsville here we come....

No we aren't really going to Boredsville, but my younger cousin Stacy named her lake house this a few years ago when she was didn't want to go there for vacation. Of course when I am there its anything BUT boring. :)
We bought our plane tickets the other day and now the countdown is on...86 days! Yes, I am really counting down, why you ask? Because I have a 3yr old little boy who LOVES to travel, just like his mommy, and he asks me every day when we are going to Michigan, so now he has a calendar that we cross of days on every day.
I am personally looking forward to seeing all my family, hanging out in the water during the day and drinking by the bonfire at night!

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Kirsten said...

If you hear a rustling in the bushes while you are at the bonfire - it might just be ME coming to join you!