Sunday, May 4, 2008

~Bestie Bachelorette Party Weekend~

From left to right:
Carla, AmgG, Megan, Me, Kelly, Susan, Jessica (the top of her head) Virginia, Amie, Keeli, Meg, Dianthe, Sars, Chris and Lynn

I have a group of about 30 girls that I chat with on a daily basis. One night while we were all chatting our bachelorette parties got brought up. Me, along with others, told how our first one were less than appealing and how we wished we could have a "redo". So we decided to do it, have a Second Chance Bachelorette Party. OMG, we had a blast.

We started out at Embassy Suites in Dallas. Three suites between us (there were about 17 girls that night and only 14 spent the night) and we started out the night with the managers welcome cocktail reception. This was perfect for us, free beer, wine and cocktails, perfect!! After that we all went upstairs and got dressed and hair and makeup done.

We caught the hotel shuttle and went out to dinner at Victory Tavern for dinner. We all ate dinner and then rode in cabs over to The Station and went to the 11:00 Drag Queen show in the Rose Room. We had SUCH a great time! Sars, AmieB, Jess, Keeli and I all had to go up on the stage when they called up all the bride to be's since we were wearing veils, we could not escape. We all had to tell our names and then dance and walk the catwalk. I think Sars & AmieB were the best, Jess & I avoided walking it. Then they brought us all a round of shots and we did those up on stage.
We happen to sit across the aisle from a very cute guy and his partner, they were asking us about our wedding dates and we had to tell them the truth and they thought it was awesome. We ended up talking back and forth and they bought our entire party a shot, sweet!!
After the show we all went downstairs and we danced the night away. Half of the girls went back to the hotel after the show, but Carla, Jessica, Sars, Rebecca, Dianthe, ReJana and I all stayed till the bar stopped serving. I haven't been out dancing that late in years and I had so much fun, I didn't realize how much I missed it.
We all got back to the hotel, talked to some fraternity guys that made us feel really old and then I changed and got into bed while they walked down to What-A-Burger to get some food. When they got back we stayed up till 4am talking, yawn!! I happened to wake up at 10am and got them up and we managed to go downstairs and snag a few things for breakfast. Sat around talking again, went upstairs and ate the cake we had forgotten about and then we went our separate ways. It was an awesome time and I am so glad that I have such great friends that we are able to do things like this!!!
Pictures to come!!!

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Jess said...

You tall chicks were hiding me...! Wah! I call a redo group shot!