Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm such a bad mom...

Or some might call me a bad ass mom, you decide!
Yesterday while I was in the car with Aiden he started to get fussy so I turned on the radio and started singing to the first song that came on the radio "Pour Some Sugar on Me",
but the song was almost over and as soon as it ended he started crying again. So I turned off the radio and just sung the song to him, totally calmed him down and put him to sleep. He is already in love with the classics!
Today while we were at Target we were walking around the underwear and bra section, Ethan wasn't even really paying attention and I was trying to hurry up and get what I needed before he noticed where we were. I found the bra I wanted and put it in the cart behind the other stuff we were getting. Ethan saw me and ripped it out and started playing with it. I took it away from him and told him no, he couldn't play with bras. He cried and said he wanted to play with it, I told him "No, least not until you are married" I started laughing at myself and Ethan looked at me like I was nuts. The two guys stocking stuff the aisle over about fell over laughing and when we walked by again the guy told me he was going to use that line on his teenage son. Glad I could provide some comic relief for someone else today!


Chris said...

bad ass!!

Kelly said...

were you as shocked as I was that they played that on kiss?