Saturday, May 10, 2008

Picture time!

I now know why there are a TON of pictures of your first kiddo, and once you have another one they start to slow down. It's because its hard as hell to take pictures with a toddler and a newborn,OMG! I was worn OUT after 2 hours of picture taking, pleading with a 3yr old to "pose just one more time" and changing clothes, feeding the baby, etc, etc, etc. You get the picture!
We went on Friday afternoon to get the boys pictures taken with ReJana of BluDoor Studios( . ReJana has taken all my maternity pictures, Aidens delivery pictures and our first family pictures. Needless to say she is our favorite!
I only knew I wanted to take pictures of the boys in their Stars jerseys (I'm not going to even address how the Stars are playing, UGH!) and asked her if she had any other ideas. She said something funky and colorful and then all white.
Umm, all white? I must mention now that ReJana has a little girl, and there are TONS of items available in white for a little girl. Little boys, not so much. Clothing designers must know that little boys are rough and tumble and white is not the best thing for them. Never mind all that, I was determined to get them all white. I stopped at Children's place and found a white dress shirt for Aiden for only $2.99, score! I then wandered over to the toddler section and found white linen pants for Ethan for the bargain price of $3.99~ They were trying to get rid of all their Easter clothes, I was so happy!
So the pictures are not back yet, but I just know they are going to be super cute! I will be sure to post a link once I get to see them!!

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House of Brodt said...

Can't wait to see the pics! I bet the boys look super handsome as always! :)